Low hanging fruit…

When I go for walks I like to take photos of the nature around me. There is something so alluring about flowers, mushrooms, moss, dandelion puffs, and plump ripe berries in a tree. I am constantly taking pictures of such things.

I was inspired to make ‘Berries in a Tree’ from one Continue reading “BERRIES IN A TREE”


Oil Painting – It Takes Practice…

I paint mostly in acrylics because that is the medium that was focused on in my youth, however,¬†recently I was given some oil paints. I have painted with oil paint in the past, but because it was so different from acrylic, and needs a lot more supplies, I Continue reading “WILDFLOWERS BESIDE OLD FENCE”


¬†Not Always What it Seems…

I sketch most when I find myself in a situation where I need to listen to a lecture for a long period of time. It helps me focus on what is being said. I was doing just that when I sketched this little bird beside a tree. Continue reading “WINTER BIRD”

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