Doodles of Fun!

Over the past few years, I kept hearing about “Inktober”. My understanding of it is that you do a drawing in ink every day of October and post it. This is supposed to encourage growth for the artist.

I’ve never given Inktober too much thought because I make lots of errors and like to erase a lot. This is also why I like painting because you can cover mistakes up with fresh paint. A pen (or ink) is very bold and when a mistake is made, it’s very obvious and hard correct. White-out looks terrible when trying to fix mistakes. I also feel that I shouldn’t have to do any major fixes in photoshop. I don’t know, maybe there’s a trick I’m not aware of.

However,  this year (2018), I decided to do some doodling in my sketchbook with a black pen, not really committing to it but giving it a try. Continue reading “DOODLING WITH INK”

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