Oil Painting – It Takes Practice…

I paint mostly in acrylics because that is the medium that was focused on in my youth, however, recently I was given some oil paints. I have painted with oil paint in the past, but because it was so different from acrylic, and needs a lot more supplies, I Continue reading “WILDFLOWERS BESIDE OLD FENCE”


Super Sized Coasters…

I have a side table that needs to be re-finished, but since it is winter, that project has to wait for spring. In the meantime I have some extra tiles sitting around from a previous tiling project, and I thought it would be fun to create temporary top for my side table. Continue reading “PAINTING TILES”


Acrylic VS. Water Colour II

I used the primary colours along with white and back for painting both pictures, and I found that the water colour version ended up more grey toned than the acrylic. I could see this happening as I was painting and it bothered me a lot. However, this could be viewed as positively if I Continue reading “PINK FLOWERS IN A FIELD”

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