The Splendor of Autumn…

I’ve known about Bob Ross as long as I can remember. I even watched an episode or two when they were airing on T.V. I thought they were terribly boring at the time.

In the last year or so, I keep hearing Bob Ross this, Bob Ross that. You should watch Bob Ross, memes memes memes. And I’m like, “What’s going on? What’s so great about Bob Ross?” Continue reading “PAINTING WITH BOB ROSS”


A Castle in the Sky…

While visiting Phoenix, Arizona, I was driven up a large hill called South Mountain to Dobbins Lookout. I have to say the drive up made my stomach somersault into tight nauseating knots, but once we got up there… man, that view!

We arrived at twilight Continue reading “ARIZONA SUNSET”


Working with clouds…

I have a fascination with the sky. I love how each day brings new colours, I love the clouds and the way the sun creates a contrast of shadows and brilliant light. My favourite type of cloud is the Cumulus Nimbus. Not only is it a fun word to say, but they Continue reading “YELLOW SUNRISE IN THE HILLS”


Super Sized Coasters…

I have a side table that needs to be re-finished, but since it is winter, that project has to wait for spring. In the meantime I have some extra tiles sitting around from a previous tiling project, and I thought it would be fun to create temporary top for my side table. Continue reading “PAINTING TILES”


Acrylic VS. Water Colour II

I used the primary colours along with white and back for painting both pictures, and I found that the water colour version ended up more grey toned than the acrylic. I could see this happening as I was painting and it bothered me a lot. However, this could be viewed as positively if I Continue reading “PINK FLOWERS IN A FIELD”

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