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Hi! This is me with a lovely filter, and this is my story.

I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember. I loved to draw and colour princesses so very much that I mostly drew girls in ball gowns. My inspiration was from my Barbie and Disney colouring books which I traced at first but then gave it a try freehand.

My next inspiration was anime, specifically Sailor Moon. I would collect posters, cards, and stickers that I would then freehand copy on anything and everything. I think you can still see the anime influences in most of my figure drawings. Also, at this time I was introduced to acrylic painting, and I would paint my figures rather than colour them with pencil crayons.

Next, I entered the realm of fashion, and I learned the proportions of a fashion figure. Not terribly different from the anime I was drawing, but the facial features were a little less eye, and a bit more mouth and nose. I also gave up drawing hand details at that time when I was taught it wasn’t necessary for a fashion sketch. I was also told that faces weren’t terribly important, but I love faces too much to give up on them.

In the last decade, I have been painting more and drawing less. Sometimes I don’t draw for a couple years before I realize how much time has passed and pick up a pencil to give it another go. But I like painting more now because it’s creating pictures out of strokes and blobs and I find it fascinating.

Most recently I have been trying to paint flowers, landscape, and portraits.

My intent for this blog site is to showcase a collection of paintings, drawings, and digital art along with a backstory of how/why I created them and the lessons I learned in the creation of them.

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