Green Envy

Green Envy
Green with envy. A portrait made in Photoshop of a green-skinned female.

Rain Drops

Rain Drops
Photoshop painting of raindrops with flowers falling from the sky.

Pierce By Needle

Needle Piercing Graphic Art
Rendering of an abstract needle piercing in Illustrator.

The Power of Filters

Playful Cat
Prisma App filter comparison.

Berries in a Tree

Berries in a Tree
Photoshop painting was done in hard and soft round brush.

Two in One

Valley View
Valley View – Soft brush in Photoshop
Morning Glow
Morning Glow – Soft brush in Photoshop

Summer Storm

Summer Storm
Abstract art using a manipulated wet edge brush in Photoshop.

Self Portrait

Self portrait in Photoshop
Self portrait in Photoshop
Self portrait in Illustrator
Self portrait in Illustrator


Water Colour Painting Digitally Styled in Photoshop


Cat Bum
Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

The Great Dame

Great Dame
Airbrush Soft Round 50% Flow in Photoshop

Up Close

Up Close Eye
Triple Brush with Scattering in Photoshop

Digital Diva

Digital Diva
Soft Brush in Photoshop

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