Getting Doodles Out of My System

My last post Doodling With Ink was inspired by Inktober, but now it’s November and there are still tile ideas that are aching to get out onto paper.


Original Tile
The original tile idea.
Ink Flower
Ink Flower Doodle

The square is a sketch that I made for my previous post when I was trying out some ideas. This was the original tile. Next, I doodled with making an intricate flower design. I’ve always liked doodling flowers similar to this, but always in pencil. These two gave me the idea to make more elaborate tiled ink designs. Check out my first post Doodling With Ink for more details.

For today, I want to cover the new stuff. Like I said, I had more ideas to get out of my system and I got the idea to do the original square tile but multiplied as if I were tiling a wall. Since the original is larger in size than what I wanted to work with, I took away some detail, but I think the essence is still there.

I made this:

Triangle Square Tile Pattern
Ink tiled pattern of triangles making squares.

When I was 90% finished outlining this tile formation, I realized that if I arranged the triangles differently within the square, I could get a really amazing pattern out of it. So I tried it out.

This is the pattern before I coloured it in:

Tile Pattern
Tile pattern in the making.

I think this pattern turned out great, but of course, I needed to finish it by adding the black background.

Triangle Tile Pattern
Ink tiled pattern of triangles.

Kind of makes me think of a kaleidoscope. But I have to say that my favourite version is the one that hasn’t been coloured in. I’m glad I took a picture of it before continuing.

Which do you like best? Let me know in the comment section. đŸ™‚

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