Doodles of Fun!

Over the past few years, I kept hearing about “Inktober”. My understanding of it is that you do a drawing in ink every day of October and post it. This is supposed to encourage growth for the artist.

I’ve never given Inktober too much thought because I make lots of errors and like to erase a lot. This is also why I like painting because you can cover mistakes up with fresh paint. A pen (or ink) is very bold and when a mistake is made, it’s very obvious and hard correct. White-out looks terrible when trying to fix mistakes. I also feel that I shouldn’t have to do any major fixes in photoshop. I don’t know, maybe there’s a trick I’m not aware of.

However,  this year (2018), I decided to do some doodling in my sketchbook with a black pen, not really committing to it but giving it a try.

My first attempts. I began to realize that it would be better to lay out the idea first with pencil, then trace over it with a pen. For the most part, this worked better with fewer mistakes.

Inktober Sketches.
Inktober sketches.


After doing these doodles, I wanted to try something more complex. So I started drawing lines with a ruler, and these three designs came out. They look like tile patterns to me.

Flower Tile Pattern
Ink tiled pattern of flowers.
Diamond Tile Pattern
Ink tiled pattern of diamond shapes.
Flower & Diamond Tiled Pattern
Ink tiled pattern of flowers and diamond shapes.

I found that creating these, while time-consuming, was very relaxing. I also found it interesting that once the shapes were inked in, it totally changed the dynamics of the lines and tiled shapes.

Overall, not the greatest art in the world, but I would give it an ‘E’ for effort. Maybe next year, I’ll truly give Inktober a try.

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