On My Own…

After painting with Bob Ross in my last post (see Painting With Bob Ross), I decided to try these newly acquired tricks on my own. I had just watched him do a painting on a black canvas and thought it would be really cool to try it out.

Of course, being stingy me, I used a white canvas. I just painted it black. Also, I used acrylic paint again so it didn’t have the same effect as Mr. Bob Ross’ oil painting did. Rather than a luminous glow, I got a wash of colour… I was expecting it, but hoping otherwise.

I spent a good 30 minutes if not more on painting the sky. I was trying to get a glowing moon and cloud depth. Overall, I think I did a decent job and I am really happy with the sky. Maybe I like it more because I ended covering up 65% of it with trees, but hey, I think helps with the depth!

The trees in the background actually started out as bushes, but as I painted in the valley and the large foreground trees, the bushes turned into far away trees with brush underneath. I then added little trunks to cement the illusion. I, once again, am very pleased.

Night time Summer's Snow
Acrylic painting on canvas of trees after a summer’s snowfall. Cyan, black, and white.

I created this painting using only cyan, black, and white. I thought it would be fun to limit the colour palette to see what I could create. It’s interesting because even though there is obvious blue in the picture, it has a black and white feel to it. The blues give it a cool winters night feeling, however, if you check out my trees they are full of leaves (oops!) so it must actually be summer ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I think I channelled this picture out of all the early snowfall we had in September. (The poor trees!)

Even with that small mistake, I really like this picture. I would like to thank Bob Ross for making that TV series so I could learn a few tips and tricks when painting nature!

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