Rock Collecting Takes a New Level…

I have this thing with rocks. I think they are so interesting and pretty, especially if they sparkle. When I was a kid in spring I would collect the gravel rocks left over from the winter before the street sweepers would take them all away. I think the 20 minute walk home from school often turned into an hour. I don’t know what happened to all those buckets of rocks.

As an adult, if I find myself on a beach or a walking path, I can’t help but pick up a few. But I now have rules like I can only take what I can carry in my hands to help prevent over collecting ***cough-hoarding-cough***.

Have you heard of rock painting? I never thought of it until recently I picked up a rock that was really sparkly in the sunlight but indoors it was only OK, not the greatest. However, the colour looked like sand to me and I thought it would be neat to paint a picture on it keeping the rock colour and texture in the image. So I collected a few more rocks to give it a try.

All 4 rocks average in size about 1 inch. I didn’t think about taking a picture of the rocks before hand to show the colour and scale, but I hope you enjoy the finished results.

Rocky Waves
Acrylic painting of a rocky beach shoreline on a rock.

This is the first rock I painted. Since I had recently painted the Cancun Waves I wanted to try water again. I tried to keep the rock in the center the original stone, but I did have to add paint to it because it looked too flat.

Desert Oasis
Acrylic painting of a desert oasis on a rock.

This rock was the one that inspired me to do this project. I painted a desert oasis on it hoping to keep the unpainted parts as sand which I managed to do this time. I think it came out OK. I also think it looks better in person.

I do wish I used a lighter colour rather than black for the contrast. Not sure what I was thinking when I did that. I also wish I had darkened the lightest crest of sand up front, but I was getting tired at this point and my ability to mix paint was suffering. I also wasn’t planning on posting it so I didn’t care enough to fix it. Well now the jokes on me as I show my laziness to the world.

Cactus Sunset
Acrylic painting of cactus on a rock.

This rock had a similar sandiness to it as the one above, but it reminded me of my time in Arizona as it had more red hues in it. I decided to paint a desert sunset with cactus. The sand at the bottom is the actual rock.

I really like how this one turned out.

Mountain Sunset
Acrylic painting of mountains on a rock.

Last, I needed to paint the mountains. You know cause rocks…mountains are rocks…

Plus the ridges on this particular one really made me think of mountain cliffs. This rock was particularly neat because it has 3 different angles. The top, front left, and front right, all depending on how it’s angled you get a different view.

I also think this one looks better in person.

I will definitely be painting more rocks in the future, but until then I can’t quite choose a favourite. Do you have one? If so tell me in a comment below.

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