Green With Envy… Or Pride?

I’ve been feeling a little envious this past month and thought I would illustrate this emotion into a portrait. However, half way through I noticed that my envious lady is looking very prideful. I started to wonder if my own pride was seeping into this portrait as well. Maybe I actually have more pride than envy? After all, this illustration is supposed to be a reflection of my own emotions.

I consulted my husband and he confirmed that this lady is indeed not envious but full of pride.


What to do?

Well, I for whatever reason equate purple to pride. So I decided to add purple to my picture, changing her clothes, hair, eyes etc. This was the result.

Green with Pride
A portrait made in Photoshop of a green skinned female with purple enhancements to represent pride.

I call this one Green With Pride.

I added a tint of purple to her skin to help it co-exist better with the purples but still reading green.

The hair is rough at this point because I was at a standstill. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go all the way and make her completely purple or leave her as is.

The thing is there’s an energy clash, or something conflicting in this picture that makes me very uncomfortable.

Debating for a few days, I decided I would dive in and make her purple. And this was the result.

Pride. A portrait made in Photoshop of a purple skinned female.

I call this one Pride, and I do like her more than Green With Pride.

The colouring of her skin I find easier to digest with the rest of the purples. Plus she has better highlights on her skin and her hair is complete.

Her essence is in harmony.

However, there is still something missing. An element that the first one, Green Envy has that’s been lost in trying to make her fit her pride .

Green Envy
Green with envy. A portrait made in Photoshop of a green skinned female.

Overall I like the original Green Envy best.

Maybe she is envious. And maybe there’s also a pride within saying f*ck it.

Envy and pride are part of the Seven Deadly Sins. I created a set of watercolour paintings five years ago depicting these 7 Sins. If your interested in more, check them out HERE! Just scroll down to the bottom 🙂

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