Poked by a Needle…

I recently had some minor surgery and for this procedure it required me to be put into a twilight sleep. Basically, I was conscious but too sleepy to care. While in this state, it was necessary to be pierced by a needle and I felt it (a bit to my dismay). As this happened an image came to my mind’s eye and with each poke of the needle it was the same image over again. I kept thinking about it after the procedure and decided to try to ‘put it on paper’.

While I did an initial sketch, I decided Illustrator would be the best tool to help me bring the art to life as the image in my head broken down was very graphic and angular in shape. Also illustrator would allow me to find the colours better (more easily?) than mixing paint.

The colours in my head were deep dark reds and maroons, with touches of yellow. I realize on some monitor screens the picture can appear very deep and dark and the details of the picture can be lost. If you find this is the case while viewing this, increase the brightness on your screen or try a different device as the RGB values in different monitors will show colours differently.

I hope you enjoy this picture and find it as fascinating as I did the experience. Please comment below and let me know what you think!

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