A Winter Past…

My inspiration came from a picture in my iStock collection (as per usual) that was blowing dandelion seeds. The finished painting reminds me of winter which is fitting I think because this was painted  back in the end of March or early April during the time when I was lamenting over the never ending winter season. I think that emotion may have brought the essence of winter into the piece.

I like it. I like it a lot! I used mainly white and metallic acrylic paint. The metallic paints are just craft paints I picked up from Michaels. The colours I used are Craft Smart Nickel and Deep Bronze,  and DecoArt Splendid Gold and Copper.

These craft paints are pretty nice, a bit runny, but overall easy to work with and blended well with my thicker Liquitex Titanium White.

I also added a tiny bit of home made purples and black. I mentioned before in a previous post Purple Orchid that I’m going through a phase of actually enjoying purple, and this is one of the first attempts at incorporating purple into my art. I like how the purple and golds play together. Not too surprising considering gold is shiny or sparkly yellow, and yellow is complimentary to purple. It’s really nice when unplanned colour theory works itself out in a piece.

Overall, this painting was fun to paint as I didn’t restrict myself to create a replica of the photo like I sometime try, but instead after the initial sketch and colour washes, I just did my own thing.

Let me know what you think. Do you like yellow and purple together? What colours do you like?

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