Focusing on Features…

This is another oil painting on canvas paper. After painting Raule I wanted to work on facial features a bit more and try a few things differently.

I found Pink Lady in my iStock photos, a portrait of a girl with pink hair.  I loved the essence of the image and really wanted to try her eyes.

Here is a picture of the wash and sketch of her.

Pink Lad Start
Starting Pink Lady with a wash of Linseed Oil and Oil Paint on canvas paper.

I started once again with a linseed oil wash mixed with White and Scarlet. My oil paints don’t come in CMYK and I found it challenging to find and mix the appropriate colours, but I did my best.

I then etched in an outline of her features with burnt sienna and painted in her hair with a more opaque pink wash.

Below is the progression of the different stages she went through.

Sorry some of the photos are so yellow, I took the pictures at different times of the day and my light was on for some of them.

Pink Lady Progression
Pink Lady Progression

At the end I did try the gloss of linseed oil again, but only on her eyes to give them a wet look. But once again, the oil kept bleeding and I had to keep doing touch ups which compromised the colouring a bit. In the future I will try blending the linseed with paint to hopefully prevent bleeding.

Finished painting.

Pink Lady
Up close portrait of a female with pink hair. Oil paint on canvas paper.


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