Tulip Bouquet
Watercolour bouquet of tulips.

I’ve been feeling discouraged this past week.

I was riding a high of enthusiasm and pride with my past work, getting things posted and feeling great. I was had lots of hope for future project and so many ideas, I was bursting. Not enough time or materials to do everything.

But now I’m feeling a cross between overwhelmed and impatient.

Overwhelmed with all the potential, and impatient because I want to try out some resin and spays, but the weather isn’t cooperating (today being January 107th of the year Winter is Never Ending). It needs to be 15 degrees Celsius before I can do any outside work. My place isn’t well ventilated enough to do work with toxic materials inside. Plus there is my kitty Miss Callie to think about. Don’t want to  poison her air.

Adding another layer to this, maybe my artistic eye has developed over the past couple months? I say this, because when I look at my art it doesn’t look as good anymore.  I want to post them (still catching up) but now I don’t think they’re that great. The pride has been lost.

I have to keep creating. Perhaps I should lock these feelings back in the cage they escaped from haha!

If you have any suggestions on how I can overcome these feelings, please let me know in the comment section.



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