The Power of Filters…

I go through phases of not feeling inspired. Sometimes it’s because I’m overworked or I have other preoccupations and distractions in my life. During one of these uninspired times a friend showed me an app called Prisma. I thought it was cool, so I downloaded it.

Man, this app is fun! Basically it takes a photo of your choosing and applies a multitude of different art styled filters on it. Some of the filters work better than others depending on the effect you like. What I really like is that it takes my blurry photos and makes them clear by turning them into a drawing or painting. Awesome!

Sleepy Callie
Prisma App Filter Aviator.
Playful Cat
Prisma App Filter Wave.

I mainly use Prisma to turn sub-par pictures of my cat Callie into photo art that is now framed and displayed around my home. AND YES, I have too many pictures of my cat on my bookshelves. She is my fur-baby, and she is mighty adorable.

Up and At 'Em Cat
Prisma App filter comparison.
Curious Cat
Prisma App filter comparison.

I am not affiliated with or sponsoring this app, and I am in no way getting anything from them by talking about it. Like I said, it was recommended to me by a friend and I like it. I found it renewed some creativity in me, and I got some great pictures of my cat out of it.

If you are interested in Prisma, there is an option of free or premium for this app. If you choose the free version like me, you wont have access to all the filters they offer but you can make some pretty neat pictures with what you do get.

Also, I should mention, when I first started using the app about a year ago there wasn’t an alternative paid version and it was simpler to get into and navigate than it is now. Today I have to by-pass all the tricks and turns trying to sign me up for the premium version before I can finally use it.

Tip: If you try the app, go to gallery and pick a photo. A popup will appear to start a free trial of the premium subscription. If you don’t want to do this, just click on the ‘X’ in the top right corner. You will now be in the area where you can choose the art style you want to apply to your photo.

Very Cool!

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