Art on the Messy Side…

Pink Space
Magenta, white, black, acrylic paint mixed with an Extender Medium on canvas.

While visiting my sister, she told me about YouTube videos where people were pouring acrylic paint through colanders. I thought this was very strange, but didn’t think too much of it. Then when I got home, low and behold the same videos were in my YouTube suggested videos.

I swear my phone listens to my conversations.

I started to watch the videos, and I was riveted. I quickly learned that it wasn’t cheap liquid-y craft paint that was being used, but a variety of pouring mediums added to the acrylic paint to make it more runny. Water will do this too, but adding more than 25-30% of water to acrylic paint will interfere with the bonding of the paint to the canvas (or some such science) which can cause cracking or crazing.

Teal Agate
Teal, blue, green, yellow, silver, and white acrylic paint mixed with Zinsser and water on canvas.

I needed to try this and set out to find supplies for this ‘new to me’ art style, and immediately hit a brick wall. The pouring medium I kept hearing abut over and over was Floetrol, a cost effective latex paint additive that can be purchased at hardware stores or DIY centers. Where I live, this product is not available. So I found something comparable called Zinsser. The consistency was like blue tinted water that burned when I got it on my hands >:(.

Deep Space
Red, white, and black acrylic paint mixed with Zinsser and PVA pouring medium on canvas.

I went back to my trusty internet and found out some people mixed PVA (or white glue) to their floetrol and paint mix. A bonding agent so they say. I bought some, did a little chemistry (with gloves on this time), and hey! It worked really well!

But then I stared having doubts about the quality and longevity of the art. So I buckled and bought small bottles of Liquitex Pouring Medium, GAC 800, and Deserres Acrylic Pouring Medium. These or similar items can be found either at local art stores or Amazon. I got mine from Michaels craft store and Deserres art store.

Parasitic Silver
Teal, rust, green, yellow, silver, black, and white acrylic paint mixed with pouring medium on canvas. Green/silver glitter on top.

A cost comparison: The art pouring mediums ranged from $12.50 – $25 for a 237ml bottle. The Zinsser paint additive cost $11 for a 946ml bottle.

I haven’t actually come to a conclusion on this matter. I guess I will just have to practice and find my style within this type of painting and see what works best for me. Also time, time will tell.

I couldn’t get a good picture of the paintings made with the art professional mediums because they all had glossy finishes which caused terrible reflections.

Check out Mixed Media Girl and DeliberatelyCreative on YouTube. I found these videos informative and fascinating to watch.

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