An oldie but a goody…

I am lucky enough to have a designate art room where I can go create things, be messy and not have to worry about cleaning up immediately. I decided I want my art room to not only be a space where I can create but also a space where I can be inspired. So I have been pulling out older favourite pieces of mine that still bring me joy.

This piece I’m calling Amour, I technically never completed. Let’s say 98% finished. I was going to cover it with a clear resin. I bought some and everything, but I just plain plumb chickened out.

You know when you are working on a project and everything is going fantastic, then you do that ONE BAD DECISION which was supposed to be a good idea and everything falls apart? Yup, and there is no ‘Ctrl Z’ in non-digital life to undo that horrendous mistake.

Now normally I follow through with that bad mistake and try to recover the best I can, but with this piece I really liked it, and the possible bad decision was the last step. Literally make it or break it, so I chose none of the above. Hope you like it!

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