Oil Style…

I’ve recently taken up with oil paints again, but now I am remembering why I had stopped. They are so completely different from acrylics or water colours. I am forging forward with the oils still, but for a lark I decided to work with the same techniques in Photoshop.

I found a photo from my iStock collection, and using my Wacom Drawing Tablet, I painted this picture in Photoshop. I still did a wash, and two more layers after that. I found Photoshop is an excellent medium to use as there is no mess, choosing the right colours is as easy as a click of the mouse, and I am able to zoom in and out for small details. With a tablet pen I felt there was more control in my movements because it is more similar to a pencil than a paintbrush. Perhaps I need to invest in firmer paintbrushes…

An aside: I noticed that using a soft brush for most of this picture gives it a blurred old school television effect.

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